AlphaStone® - Nano Extra

Alphastone Nanoglass Pure White

Nanoglass Pure White

Alphastone Bancada Cozinha Nanoglass
Alphastone Nanoglass

Glass Stone Nanoglass Surfaces

Nano surfaces are at the forefront in contemporary aesthetics and present a homogenous and resistant structure, with a hardness index of 6.5 in the scale of Mohs, being composed of 60% of quartz sand and 40% of dust from natural stone.

These surfaces are widely indicated for floors which can be subject to high levels of wear, staircases and other interior and exterior casing surfaces in general. They are equally an excellent solution in the construction of benches for different purposes, with respect to highly impermeable surfaces, resistant to acids, being regarded as products which are anti-bendable, anti-pressure, anti-shock, resistant to wear and with a low coefficient of thermic linear expansion.

This product also possesses the advantage of an easy handling and cutting process, allowing production in shapes of arcs, cubes and basins etc.