Higiene Alphastone

The Concept and the expectaction with regard to hygiene, assumes health, elegance and well-being.

Cleanliness is regarded as essential and the key to prevention of illnesses and to the quality of life of users of AlphaStone® surfaces.

If kitchen surfaces are not taken care of correctly, they become a source of contamination for food and for utensils which are in contact with food.

Humidity and cool temperatures are key factors in the propagation of bacteria and can turn any type of surface, such as counters, into important sources of contamination.

Hygiege in the kitchen has tradionally been regarded as a combination of actions related to taking care with food, good working practices and personal hygiene.

To avoid contamination, it is important that surfaces are made from resistant, smooth and impermeable materials and are kept clean and dry.

Due to the RIGOUROUS process and systems utilised in our production processes, AlphaStone® has low levels of fluid absorbtion.

Consequently, AlphaStone® is extremely hygienic in kitchens, bathrooms, and in industrial, hospital and hotel kitchens.

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