The ease with which AlphaStone® surfaces can be cleaned is in itself a factor of added value.

The type of surface makes it possible to reduce the care and effort and directly increases the benefits related to the well-being and quality of life.

In the great majority of cases, it is sufficient to wipe the surface with a clean and soft cloth to get rid of any dirt.

In the event that AlphaStone® surfaces contain traces of impregnated grease, a plastic scouring pad with liquid, anti-grease detergent can be used.

For more difficult cases, we recommend specific cleaning products for synthetic surfaces, for sale from professional suppliers of cleaning products for quartz, marble and suchlike surfaces.

Seeing that AlphaStone® surfaces are represented in various products of different hardness and levels of absorbtion, we recommend inquiring about the technique with regard to the actual need and objectively identifiying the type of surface for cleaning.

It is recommended not to use waxes, sealants or sprays, as they could possibly contain chemical elements which negatively affect the brightness, or alter the colour.

Limestone stains left on glasses etc. can be sprayed with hydrochloric acid, as indicated by the manufacturer of the said acid, acting on the surface to be cleaned within roughly one minute. Wash subsequently with clean water.

To remove silicone stains, us a cutting blade and some drops of solvent not containing diclorometano, methylene dichloride. Wash with running water.

The loss of brightness in AlphaStone® surfaces can be due to the improper use of waxes, sealants or active chemical sprays etc.; the loss in brightness is not due to the lack of brightness mechanically produced in the factory but to external activities. To try to recuperate the surface, one could use with some frequency a fine transparent oil for repairing domestic furniture, ideal for the repair and maintenance of AlphaStone® surfaces.

Other warnings (for the consumer)

  1. 1.

    Do not use products with a chloride basis.

  2. 2.

    The surfaces should not be repolished

  3. 3.

    Do not use strong de-greasers, such as oven-cleaners etc

  4. 4.

    The ease with which AlphaStone® surfaces can be cleaned is in itself a factor of added value

  5. 5.

    Do not use products with a chloride basis.

  6. 6.

    Keep AlphaStone® surfaces far removed from sources of heat, in itself a factor of added value.

Despite the fact that AlphaStone® surfaces are prepared to withstand high temperatures for short periods of time, its performance will vary according to the type of surface, pressure, colour, localisation etc., such that a protracted and direct exposure to sources of heat is not recommended and similarly, hot pots, pans etc. should not be placed on the surface. Mats to this effect or tripods should be used.

It is still recommended that, in case of doubt, seek advice from the location where your AlphaStone® surface product was acquired.

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