AlphaStone® are agglomerated surfaces whereby the production process complies with all the preventive methods established for application norms. This manual contains specific established preventive methods which should be taken for the correct treatment of our products.

The objective of these instructions is to aid professional processors of AlphaStone® surfaces to apply methods of control to exposure to any harmful components of breathing apparatus and other inherent risks, increased when no individual security system is used. This document should be placed at the full disposal of those involved in the transformation/manufacture of AlphaStone® products, to allow them to make maximum use of the methods included here.

If all our instructions are fully adhered to, the risks associated with the transformation/manufacture of our synthetic surfaces will be reduced.

All this information should be complemented with the norms applicable in the country in which the product is transformed/manufactured with respect to risk assessment, measurements of chemical contaminants, limits of occupacional exposure (LEO`S).


AlphaStone® strongly advises that transformation/manufacture be restricted to workplaces, and exclusively to personnel authorised and trained to this effect.


AlphaStone® advises that the transformation/manufacture operations are carried out exclusively using breathing apparatus of approved quality. In case of doubt, refer back to the engineers qualified to this effect.


AlphaStone® advises that tools with water circulation systems be used. The dust can be controlled by damp cutting methods, thereby preventing the circulation of dust through the air by accumulating it in water.

Make sure that electrical systems are adequately protected against the dangers of the working environment, including silicone dust and water. Make sure that the floor on which the machines and tools are installed is fitted with adequate drainage systems for the flow of water emerging from the production system.

Ensure that fresh air circulates in the workplace to replace the extracted air.

Discharge the extracted air in a safe location away from doors, windows and air entry spots.


AlphaStone® advises you to ensure that the manufacturing workplace is correctly ventilated, if necessary by using air-conditioning.

The emissions from dust extraction systems of the buildings should comply with the local environmental legislation.

The use of easily washable walls and floors is recommended and there should be no easy accumulation of dust or other dirt.

When using cleaning methods with water, make sure that sufficient connection points are available.

When using a suction system, make sure that the points are sufficient in quantity and in volume, for the extraction of the dust created.


AlphaStone® advises that all equipment and tools are kept in good operational condition, in line with the local norms and indications of the producers of the equipment.

Keep the equipment clean and adequately lubricated and replace consumable parts (filters etc.) as recommended by the manufacturer.

At least once a week, inspect the equipment visually to detect any possible signs of wear and tear. In the case of constant use, this should be done more frequently.

Keep de register of inspections on file for an adequate period of time, in line with the legislation of the country where the manufacturing operation takes place.

AlphaStone® advises frequent cleaning of the equipment. The workplaces should be cleaned daily, using water or suction cleaning methods.

Clean up spilled/waste materials directly.

In general, suction cleaning systems are not adequate for cleaning up spills. If this system is used, the vacum cleaners should have been specially designed to avoid overloading or blockages.


AlphaStone® advises that risk assessment be carried out periodically, in such a way as to identify possible deficiencies in the control systems.

The sampling team should set a good exemple and correctly use the protection equipment, individually and collectively.

The sampling strategy, the equipment for use, and the analysis methods should be determined by technical specialists in hygiene and industrial security.


AlphaStone® warns that that when our surfaces are altered, they can be exposed to certain risks, such as blows and cuts from objects and tools, dissipation of particles, exposure to noise, vibrations and cargo handling.

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