A ten year warranty is the image of seriousness, conformity and confidence of the AlphaStone® brand.

Beauty and elegance

Beleza e Elegância Alphastone

Possessing a unique beauty and distinctive touch, AlphaStone® surfaces may be presented with several finishing wich allowing them to reach levels of satisfaction and beauty only comparable to the levels achieved by the natural stones.

A world of colours

Alphastone, um mundo de cores

An unimaginable pool of colours and solutions at the disposal of your needs and imagination

AlphaStone® surfaces are available in about 50 different colors, which multiplied by the possibilities of different finishes to be applied in each of them allows you to create an unimaginable range of colors and different solutions. Thus, it can be stated that there is always a solution to the most demanding project to run on artificial surfaces.


Versatilidade Alphastone

The endless application possibilities are the ideal solution for covering,cladding and decoration

AlphaStone® surfaces were created to be used in any coating solution or interior decoration, such as countertops, bathtubs, flooring, wall coverings, stairs, panels, counters, tables, desks, etc.

In the case of nano plus surfaces, they can be used outdoors.

Resistance to risk

Resistência a riscos

AlphaStone® surfaces, in some cases (quartz) has a hardness level of 7 on the Mohs scale, that to give an idea, the diamond has 10 on the same scale. Even with the necessary care of blades and knives, surfaces are extremely resistant to scratches, contrary to most other surfaces used for the same purposes.

Impact resistance

Resistência ao impacto

AlphaStone® surfaces are made to be resistant to impact and shock. Thus largely exceed the other existing solutions for applications with the same purpose. The high levels of resistance, are achieved thanks to the composition of products: they are key ingredients, quartz, polyester resins, compounds cilícias sands and marble. In addition to the ingredients, include the techniques of advanced manufacturing technology and vibro-compression, thereby achieving surprising levels of elasticity and resistance to impact.

Stain resistance

Resistência a manchas

AlphaStone® surfaces are produced to be non-porous and highly resistant to stains from wine, coffee, fruit juices, olive oils, vinegars, make-up and other common products everyday.